Misdemeanor Pretrial Intervention Program

Pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 102.012 and Texas Government Code Sec. 76.011, Ellis County conducts a pretrial intervention program (PIP) administered by the Ellis County Community Supervisions and Corrections Department (CSCD). The pretrial intervention program (PIP) is a supervision program designed to give a young person in trouble for the first time a chance to rehabilitate without the stigma of a criminal conviction. Successful rehabilitation requires a willingness and a commitment from the individual. Eligibility for the PIP is determined solely by the Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office (ECDAO). To determine eligibility, please review the application package and consult with a prosecuting attorney before submitting a formal application. This application is considered the first step in that commitment. As such, there are no exceptions for the requirements in the application.

The PIP is only for individuals who are age 17 – 26 at the time of the offense. Eligible individuals must have no prior arrests, no prior adjudications, and no documented history of violent behavior.