What We Are

History of the Children's Center

Due to the need for individuals to work together to help abused children, the Gingerbread House began with the formation of the Board of Directors in 1998. The inter-agency commitment to the cooperative approach allowed the Gingerbread House to open its doors for service in December 1999.

 A Safe Place for Children

Currently, the Gingerbread House, like many communities across the United States, is faced with the terrible reality that many of our children are sexually and physically abused. Based currently at the Comerica Bank Building, the Gingerbread House is a safe place for children who are victims of abuse.

The organization's child-friendly atmosphere offers a comprehensive program to improve the investigation of sexual and physical child abuse while making the investigation process less traumatic.

Who We Serve

The Gingerbread House serves children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse in Ellis County and non-offending family members.

Investigation & Interviews

The Gingerbread House provides a non-threatening atmosphere for the investigation of sexual and physical abuse. Each interview is conducted with an emphasis on the child's comfort, minimal number of interviews, and proper evidence collection. Each child's case is managed by a highly trained multi-agency team composed of:

  • Assistant District Attorney
  • Consulting Physicians
  • Child Protective Services Workers
  • Mental Health Counselors.
  • Police Investigators

Training and Education

The Gingerbread House provides multidisciplinary training to professionals whose job related duties affect the physical and emotional protection and treatment of children.