Elected Officials/ Campaign Finance/ Candidate Information

The Ellis County Elections Department provides ways to easily access the names and information of elected and appointed officials that serve Ellis County. Since there are elections in Texas every year affecting leaders in state and local government we regularly update our directory after each election cycle.

Officials Listing (PDF of Federal, State, County, City, School and Water District Elected Officials with Term Years and Re-Election Year)

Who Represents Me? (sos.state.tx.us website)

Election Officials and Officeholders Statewide Listings (sos.state.tx.us website)

Your voter registration certificate also has your districts listed 


Candidate Information

Procedures and Guides for Candidates (sos.state.tx.us website)

Candidates Filing by Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee Information for 2022 Ellis County

Texas Ethics Commission Information (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Filing Schedule for Candidates and Officeholders   or   Calendar (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Political Advertising Information (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Ethics Publications and Guides (ethics.state.tx.us website)

Name of Candidate on Ballot - Rules per Texas Election Code

Applications for Candidates  (sos.state.tx.us website)

Website Links to Parties (State and Local) 


Campaign Finance Reporting

County officeholders and candidates for county offices are required by state law to file reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures with the Election’s office. The form for these reports is prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission. Filing deadlines are available on the Ethics Commission website (Click Here). Campaign finance reports can be filed in-person, by mail, or through the Campaign Finance Portal.

Campaign Finance Portal Registration Instructions

Step 1: Each candidate and office holder that wishes to utilize the Campaign Finance Portal must first complete the Ellis County Elections- Campaign Finance Security Form (Click Here). Please submit the completed security form to the Elections Office in-person, by mail, or by email at elections@co.ellis.tx.us .

Step 2: Upon receipt of the completed security form, the Election’s office will send a confirmation email containing further instructions on completing your registration and creating an account. Please review the Campaign Finance Website-User Guide (Click Here) prior to utilizing the online portal.

To view scanned images of previous filings made by candidates and office holders, click the portal link below: 

Ellis County Campaign Finance Portal (Click Here) (elliscountytx.easyvotecampaignfinance.com)

Important Note: Filings are presented on the website as a convenience. The absence of a filing on the website is not an indication that a required report has not been filed, but simply that our office is in the process of converting it to digital format. For complete, accurate, up-to-date information on all filings, please contact or visit the Election’s office during normal business hours; filings prior to 2021 must be requested in-person. Filings for State officeholders will file with the State Ethics Commission. Filings for Political Subdivisions will file with their respective Political Subdivision(s).

Files available on the portal vary in size from approximately 200k to 3 meg. Files larger than 3 meg have been split into two or more files. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. The reader can be downloaded free from Adobe. (https://get.adobe.com/reader). Originals will remain on file in the Election Administrator’s office.

Financial Disclosure by County Officers

The Personal Financial Statements (Form PFS-TEC) are filed and available for public viewing and/or purchase with the Office of the County Clerk.


2023 Election Candidate Filing Deadlines

For all elections of State, County, Local Candidates filing for an Elected Office as a Candidate, Independent, Write-In, Major Parties (Republican and Democratic), Minor Parties (Green and Libertarian), Vacancies, etc. see the Secretary of State’s website for more details. Click Here.

Note: Requirements for local offices (municipalities, school districts, other districts) in Texas vary according to the political subdivision. Therefore, you must contact the political subdivision where you are interested in running for office for qualification requirements, filing periods and other relevant information. Special Elections to Fill a Vacancy could have other deadline dates, please contact the political subdivision for more information.

For Candidates of a Party, please contact list of the local Ellis County party headquarters for more information.

Important 2024 Election Dates (sos.state.tx.us website)