New Vote Centers and Voting Equipment

Vote Centers

Ellis County has applied to participate with the State for the Countywide Polling Location Program for the May 4, 2019 Elections. This program allows Ellis County registered voters to vote at ANY Vote Center that is convenient for the voter. During the May 4, 2019 Election, every voter will receive a short survey to complete at the polls. This will allow us to gather data to show if the voters of Ellis like having the flexibility to vote at any polling location within Ellis County during Early voting and on Election Day. We will have a Public Hearing on May 21, 2019 at 2pm at Commissioner Court in the Historical Courthouse. We will present to the court the voter's survey results. Any voter that would like to participate and talk for a 3-minute period is welcome to attend. By June 3rd, the Elections Office will submit the data to the State to request a “successful” status to be able to have Vote Centers in Ellis County for any future elections.

A Vote Center means voting at ANY Ellis County polling location that is convenient for the voter. Voters can vote near where they work, live, or go to school within the county. You will no longer have to vote at your specific precinct location on Election Day. This will NOT eliminate your voter registration precinct number, that data is still very important to define the area and districts you live within.

History of Vote Centers: House Bill 758 (2005, 79th Legislative Session) added Section 43.007 to the Texas Election Code providing for the countywide polling place program. Lubbock County was the first county to participate in the program during the November general election in 2006. Currently, there are 52 Texas counties who have been designated as “successful” under the countywide polling place program.

Click here for Video about Vote Centers  (You will need to download the file and then open)

May 4, 2019 Early Voting Google Map of Vote Centers. Click here.

May 4, 2019 Election Day Google Map of Vote Centers. Click here.

New Voting System

Election Systems and Software (ES&S) ExpressVote voting system will first be used during the May 4, 2019 Joint Election. This system uses touch-screen technology that produces a paper-based ballot for tabulation. As a marking device, the ExpressVote handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for interpretation of the voter’s mark.  The voter will receive an activation card (ballot) with their ballot style printed on the card to begin the process. The voter will insert card into the marking device, make their selections, verify the selections made, and print the ballot. The voter will then place the ballot into the DS200 tabulation machine. Voting has now been completed. 

Stop by our office for a demonstration of voting on the new equipment at 204 E Jefferson St. Waxahachie 75165. Mon.-Fri. 7am-4pm (closed 11-12) or call at 972-825-5195.

Click here for Video Demonstration of the New Voting System 

(You will need to download the file and then open)

Flyer for voter about Vote Center 11x17 English

Flyer for voter about Vote Center 11x17