Burn Laws

Ellis County is not currently under a burn ban.

  1. You are not authorized to burn any synthetic materials, finished building materials, or treated lumber. You can only burn natural vegetation, untreated/ unfinished lumber.
  1. Please ensure the fire is ATTENDED at ALL TIMES.  DO NOT leave it unattended!
  1. You are required to have an adequate water source and hose available to help control the fire at all times.
  1. In accordance with State Law, controlled burns are required to be completely extinguished no less than one hour before sunset.
  1. Please keep the fire at least 100 feet from and adjacent structures to prevent them from accidentally catching on fire.
  1. If you lose control of the fire, or it begins to spread to unintended areas, please call 9-1-1 immediately, for help to get the fire back under control or extinguish the fire.
  1. If it’s a windy day, and wind speeds are above a constant 20 mph (or gust), controlled burning may be temporarily banned until better weather conditions.