Development Regulations


Staff initiated this project 18 months ago and carefully vetted and reviewed these regulations with the County Attorney and made changes to ensure compliance with adopted state regulations.

Below are some significant issues that were quickly identified with the current regulations when the revision project began:

  • The overall format was disorganized and outdated.
  • A majority of sections and paragraphs were not codified appropriately or missing entirely, which made locating them difficult and time-consuming for staff and residents when looking up the regulations.
  • There are many run-on sentences, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and inadequate wording, which reduces its overall flow and professionalism
  • There are some instances where the regulations contradict themselves.
  • There are procedures no longer in practice mentioned.
  • Some amendments were not properly inserted and codified into the current regulations, requiring an “addendum” and separate look.   

To generate comments and input from the general public, staff is placing the proposed regulations on the website and inviting people with various development backgrounds to review these regulations. About 65-70% of the document entails removing applications, checklists, and procedures, eliminating or clarifying conflicting regulations and moving sections around to make the document flow better.   The remaining 30-35%  are establishing “common sense regulations” designed to streamline the development review process, make the process more transparent, and making it more customer/resident-friendly. 

Proposed final action before the Commissioners’ Court is tentatively scheduled for December 4, 2018, which establishes a 5-week review period.  Comments should be mailed to 

Ellis County Growth Initiatives - VOL. I : 
Subdivision & Development Regulations
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Ellis County Growth Initiatives - VOL. II :
Drainage Design Standards 
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Floodplain Order (last amended 06/03/13)
The order officially requiring permits.
Master DOD Fee Schedule Order (last amended 04/10/18)
The order establishing the current fee schedule adopted by the Commissioners' Court.
Outdoor Businesses (last amended 06/26/06)
The order for regulating outdoor-type businesses.
Rules and Regulations and Specifications
for Subdivisions and Manufactured Homes (last amended 09/25/18)
The County's official regulations regarding platting, construction and engineering standards.
Septic Order  (last amended 04/25/2011)
The County's official regulations regarding on-site sewage facilities.
SOB Order (last amended 06/13/2005)

The official order on regulating sexually-oriented businesses.
Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 285
The State of Texas official regulations regarding on-site sewage facilities