2018-19 Thoroughfare Plan Update

logo-transparentA Thoroughfare Plan is a transportation planning tool which provides guidance on configuring the transportation system to support the community's future needs and is the long-range plan for major transportation facilities for Ellis County.

The last update was conducted in 2007 but a lot has changed since then.  The County population has grown exponentially and with more growth headed to Ellis County, we wanted to take a look at the county as a whole and develop recommendations to assist with transportation issues. Ellis County has hired Freese & Nichols, Inc. to update its Master Thoroughfare Plan.  This update will give reasonable long-term guidance to County officials and should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated every five to ten years to reflect changes in growth and development.   

As a citizen, your input will be invaluable throughout the process.  Our consultants will seek input along the way and this website will provide updates on surveys, public meetings, and other input methods.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Alberto Mares at 972-825-5200 or via email