County Court at Law Two

All court dockets for Ellis County Court at law No. 2 for the remaining month of March and all of April are rescheduled.

We will have the new settings mailed out as soon as possible.


Plan Delineating How the Ellis County District Courts and County Courts at Law Will Function During the Initial Stages of the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency

March 18, 2020


The County Court at Law Two is a statutory county court having broad jurisdiction over all causes and proceedings which are:

Concurrent Jurisdiction

The Court at Law Two may exercise concurrent jurisdiction with the district court in civil cases and family law cases / proceedings. Concurrent with county court, the Court at Law Two has the probate jurisdiction provided by general law for county courts.

Not in Jurisdiction

A statutory county court does not have jurisdiction over:

  • Causes and proceedings concerning roads, bridges, and highways.
  • General administration of county business that is within the jurisdiction of the commissioners’ court of each county.

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