About the LEPC

LEPC membership is broad and includes representatives from: elected state and local officials, emergency management, law enforcement, fire service, local health, emergency medical service, local media personnel, community groups and industry.  This means local people are making local decisions about how to plan for, train for, and respond to chemical emergencies in your community.

LEPC Chairpersons

Chairperson: Tommy Jackson

Vice Chairperson: William Stetson 

Secretary & Treasure: Hugh Grandstaff 

LEPC Schedule

The LEPC meets on the first Tuesday of every quarter in the Multi-purpose Room at the Courts and Administration Building. This schedule is subject to change and will be updated accordingly. The next scheduled meeting will be held:

October 3, 2023


Virtual Meeting 

LEPC Minutes

LEPC Agenda

Public Notice

Organizations interested in joining the LEPC and Tier II reporting, may contact the Office of Emergency Management at emc@co.ellis.tx.us.

Citizens of Ellis County are welcomed to attend.