Severe Weather

If your idea of preparing for severe weather is stashing an umbrella in the trunk, well, this section is for you.  Those who have experienced a tornado or a flash flood first-hand will tell you just how serious and devastating severe weather in North Texas can be.  The good news is that most weather can be predicted.  The bad news is that many weather-related deaths still occur each year despite advance warning.  The first step to being prepared is realizing that severe weather can happen at any time and it can happen to you.

Each year, Americans cope with an average of:

  • 6 deadly hurricanes
  • 1,000 tornadoes
  • 5,000 floods
  • 10,000 thunderstorms

In North Central Texas there are on average:

  • 12 tornadoes per year
  • 68 flash flood events per year
  • 258 severe thunderstorm events (large hail, damaging winds) per year


View the National Weather website to learn more.

View the KnowWhat2Do website to learn more.